Introducing: Q.I.D.

QIDSoon, in addition to the Monologues and other writings of featured LGBTQ+ authors, this page will be introducing a series called Q.I.D. This series is an identity spotlight that will feature different identities within the LGBTQ+ community, and discuss what they are, as well as a few common questions and misconceptions associated with it. In addition to being on the queer narratives page, there will also be a link in the menu that will exclusively showcase Q.I.D. content.

The name has multiple meanings. ID means identity or identification, but Q adds another element. In the initialism LGBTQ, the Q means queer, but also questioning. As such, Q.I.D is not only a place where there will be a discussion of queer identity, but also a resource for those who may be questioning their identity. When possible, there will also be links to further resources, so that anyone can explore these identities further.

With that, the first piece of Q.I.D should be released soon. For updates, and to send suggestions on what identities we should cover, follow the official QID Twitter @GayAgendaQID.


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