A List of LGBTQ+ Identity Resources

Q.I.D. is a series that focuses on the education of queer identity, and serves as a resource for those who are questioning their identity.

QIDSince the Q.I.D. posts are going to take some time to write, I thought I’d leave everyone with a list of some comprehensive resources to start with. So, if you’re currently questioning your identity, here are some sources that I can recommend.

The ABCs of LGBT+ is both a video series and a book by the wonderful Ash Hardell (p.k.a. Ashley Mardell). It is a great, comprehensive look at what some basic LGBTQ identities are, with some testimonies from other people as well. You can find the YouTube Series here, or buy the book here.

Alayna Fender’s I Don’t Bi It series is a satirical look at different LGBTQ identities, and YouTubers who match those identities. If you want a laugh, or want to learn more about these identities, click here.

For a list of terms with some basic definitions, Sam Killerman has an excellent list on his website, It’s Pronounced Metrosexual. Click here to see that.

EDIT: This post was edited to fix the color of the text.


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