About the Creator


Ash Kwiatkowski is an activist, writer, and creator. They fight for a wide variety of issues, but focus primarily on issues affecting the LGBTQ+ Community. They are queer themself, identifying as panromantic, demisexual, and maverique (nonbinary, specific third gender).

Pronouns: they/them

“We should not just fight for queer rights, but for our own identities and our own lives.”

About The Gay Agenda

The Gay Agenda started as a funny idea for a class project, but quickly developed into a revolutionary concept: what if there was a book that creatively told the stories of LGBTQ+ people? What if there was one book that you could pick up, read, and start to learn about the experiences of queer people, written by queer people? And what if it had a catchy title that would get people’s attention?

It started with one person interviewing people of different sexual orientations and gender identities, with the intention of writing monologues. It evolved quickly from there. The idea for a book and stage production came not long after. Then, after seeing just how creative other queer people were in regards to writing, monologue and narrative submissions became another aspect of this project. Lastly came this very website, which hosts all of our videos, additional monologues, and (eventually) resources for LGBTQ+ people, allies, schools, and businesses.

As The Gay Agenda continues to evolve, the awareness of this project has also grown, and we’ve gotten hundreds of submissions. Not all of them have been legitimate, but that has not stopped this from continuing to progress.

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